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Beneath the winter moon so bright, Batdogg snoozed in cozy light.
In his slumber, calm and deep, A new hero took a leap.

CatFrogg hopped with agile grace, a croak, a purr - then off to race!
With cape of green and mask of black, He sprang from pond - no looking back.

"Grab your camel, join the quest! We'll leap to lands where fun's the best!"
He called to friends both near and far, "Let's party beneath the stars!"

Through fields they bounced, with joyful cheer - New lands they found, adventures near.
CatFrogg led with fearless might - A hero's heart beneath moonlight.

So when the world feels cold and gray, Remember CatFrogg saves the day!
In paddocks wide, where dreams take flight, the weirdos shine like stars at night.